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June 2019

Congratulations to our further 3 Secondary School Graduates!

So incredibly proud of our 3 Onni Graduates who after a hard year of studying on Grade 10 have passed their Secondary Education Exams with flying colours. Next step for all of them will be commencing Higher Secondary School with year 11 and 12.

Yet it still feels like yesterday when we almost 11 years ago walked to school together for the very first time, for their very first day at Fishtail Academy..

The World is Your Oyster!


May 2019

Scholarship Group

Scholarship Distribution Day at NCF

Providing a child an opportunity to Education is at the core of our work.

Wind of Change is a proud supporter of this great program that provides financial and medical assistance to allow children from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their education in circumstances where otherwise their families could not afford to send them to school, and they may become vulnerable for child labour, begging or human trafficking. 

Thank you all for supporting us to support them!

March 2019


Happy Holi


During this ‘Festival of Colours’ all people - young and old - throw colour powder and water to each other on the streets. This Hindu festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. And of course, indulge in good food as always!

October 2018

Ihana Indra

Wind of Change Celebrates 10 years of successful work in Nepal

26th of October 2008 was the day we first cut the ribbon of Onni Children's House, the little blue house in Pokhara that later became our flagship project. That day 11 disadvantaged children started a new life with access to education, safety, health and well-being and unconditional love. Later growing to 16 children, Onni Children's House has been a home and safe haven for these young ones to grow and develop towards adulthood in a supportive environment. Today 10 years later we have intelligent, brave, capable and caring young adults in our hands who now have every opportunity to do well in their independent life. In the meanwhile we have also been providing education to children who live at home through a Scholarship Program as well as been involved in running a very successful Hearing Clinic for beneficiaries with hearing loss or impairment.

We are massively grateful for these years, especially to our dedicated local staff as well as our partner organisation Namaste Community Foundation. They've done an amazing job with everything. And as always, a huge thank you to all our supporters from all over the world without whom our work would have never been possible.  

May 2018

 Scholarship girl

Scholarship Distribution Day

Another successful Scholarship Distribution Day at Namaste Community Foundation.

Wind of Change is a proud supporter of this great program that provides financial and medical assistance to allow children from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their education in circumstances where otherwise their families could not afford to send them to school, and they may become vulnerable for child labour, begging or human trafficking.

Thank you all for supporting us to support them!

April 2018


Wind of Change International Newsletters

October 2017


Opening of a New Chapter for Onni Children's House

While Nepal celebrates Dashain, one of the biggest Hindu festivals of the year, our wonderful journey in the Onni Children's House current property is slowly coming to an end. As the house lease is expiring, the children and staff of Onni will be moving into Namaste Community Foundation's House near by to join their existing team of 17 children, staff and management. NCF has been our local partner since the very beginning in 2008 and we look forward to the future together now under the same roof as well. The official Farewell party at Onni will be held on Sunday 15th of October. All our Onni family and friends are warmly welcomed to join these memorable celebrations! 

May 2017

IMG_0121 (1)IMG_0120

Scholarship Program Distribution Day

While the new Academic Year 2017 is commencing in Nepal, the annual Scholarship Program Distribution Day took place at Namaste Community Foundation.

Every year children who are supported through this education initiative receive new school supplies from books and stationary to bags and clothes but also get their tuition fees and any medical expenses reimbursed.

We are a proud supporter of this great initiative that provides financial assistance to allow children from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their education in circumstances where otherwise their families could not afford to send them to school, and they may become vulnerable for child labour, begging or human trafficking.

Education, especially for girls, really is the key to a future with choice and a voice! 

April 2017


March 2017

FullSizeRender (1)

Happy Holi Nepal!

On 12th of March Nepal celebrated the festival of colours. Holi is one of the main - and the messiest - festivals of Hindus. Holi welcomes the spring, the colourful season with colourful powders and coloured water people throw at each other. The streets become a colourful warzone for a day while buildings, animals, people of all ages, clothes and faces get covered with a mountain of colours and playful fighting. The Onni boys in the photo started creatively with some incredible face paintings which later on ended up all smeared into one big happy mess. Indeed after taking part in Holi celebrations you're bound to find the coloured powder deep inside your ears and nose for weeks to come!  

February 2017

Onni (3)

Onni's Name Day 28th of February

Today is the official name day for "Onni" in Finland. The name means "Happiness" but also brings to mind an image of a healthy and happy young child with round, rosy cheeks.. Who would have thought 9 years ago just how well this name will come to resemble the incredible journey of Onni Children's House in Nepal. 

October 2016

Onni 8vOnni birthday staff

Onni Children's House 8th Anniversary

On the 26th of October we celebrated the 8th birthday of Onni. These 8 years together have been eventful, full of fun and laughter. At the same time they've been full of growth and learning for all. During these wonderful years we have become such a close family where everyone knows their special place and role - and extended across and beyond international spheres with volunteers and friends all over the world.

At Onni we have now 15 children who have grown up to be such great characters; confident, intelligent, caring and funny young people - which is not at all surprising when you look at our amazing Onni-staff who look after these children and care for them with every step of the way.  We are very proud and so grateful for all these years.

April 2016


One Year Anniversary of the Earthquake

One year after the worst natural disaster in Nepal's modern history, people in the earthquake affected areas remain victims of political self-interest and inaction.

Read more.

April 2016

Arbin and siblings

A Fortunate Farewell..

We welcome Nepali new year 2073 with some very happy news. One of the children at Onni Children's House has been reunited with his mother again, a mother who according to all official reports did not exist anymore. Arbin and his family are over the moon and while we will miss Arbin dearly, we salute life with all of its surprises. We wish Arbin all the best for the future years and look forward to watching him grow.

March 2016

Group Holi

Happy Holi Nepal!

On the 22nd of March we celebrated Holi. The festival of colour. The festival of sharing love.

"A carnival of colours where participants play, chase and colour each other with dry powder and coloured water, with some carrying water guns and coloured water-filled balloons for their water fight. Anyone and everyone is fair game, friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders. The frolic and fight with colours occurs in the open streets, open parks, outside temples and buildings. Groups carry drums and other musical instruments, go from place to place, sing and dance."

October 2015


7th Anniversary of Onni

26th of October marked the 7th Anniversary for Onni Children's House. Due to the hard economic and political situation in Nepal at the moment, this year we decided to keep the celebrations small. A little bit of cake, a little bit of Nepali dance but a lot of appreciation for the wonderful 7 years together!  


The crisis situation in Nepal deepens

Disagreements over Nepal's new Constitution has brought the country to a standstill. Nearly two months of blockades and protests in the Terai region have stalled the economy, brought transport to a stoppage and led to spiralling prices. Experts say the impact on the economy is worse than the Earthquake.

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June 2015


Education Relief Program 

Tens of thousands of children remain vulnerable after the earthquake. Hundreds of schools have been destroyed or are unsafe to use. There are temporary school establishment being used in the hope that these children could at least continue their regular schooling after the devastating events. Read more.

May 2015


Wind of Change reaches out for the Earthquake Victims

In the face of the trauma and devastation, together with our partner organisations on the ground, NCF Nepal and Namaste Foundation (The Netherlands), we were able to join in the international efforts to help the earthquake victims. After a day-long drive on difficult roads we reached the remote district of Sindhupalchowk, an area east of Kathmandu where most destruction and the highest casualties were reported, to deliver emergency aid packages and tents to the most affected families. Read more.

April 2015


Earthquake Response

On Anzac Day 25th of April, a 7.9 magnitude Earthquake hit Nepal killing over 8000 people, and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless, vulnerable and scared. The fear of the unknown accentuated further when only 17 days later the country was struck by a very strong aftershock with a magnitude of 7.3, causing a lot less damage but still more loss of life and increasing uncertainty and fear in people's minds. Read more.