Education Relief Program 


Tens of thousands of children remain vulnerable after the earthquake. Hundreds of schools have been destroyed or are unsafe to use. There are temporary school establishment being used in the hope that these children could at least continue their regular schooling after the devastating events.

In June 2015, our local partner organisation, Namaste Community Foundation in cooperation with the Kaski District Education Office was able to distribute some of the urgently needed school supplies and school uniforms to the affected villages in the Gorkha district. As part of our Emergency Response, Wind of Change provided financial assistance towards this initiative to support the Education Relief Program coordinated by the Nepali government.

To assist these vulnerable children to return to school immediately is essential for not only their overall wellbeing and feeling of belonging and safety, but for the long term effects as well. Indeed to deny these children education now would have severe negative impacts on their future. To foster their path of education now is fostering the sustainable development of the nation as a whole.