Wind of Change reaches out for the Earthquake Victims

IMG_5492In the face of the trauma and devastation, together with our partner organisations on the ground, NCF Nepal and Namaste Foundation (The Netherlands), we were able to join in the international efforts to help the earthquake victims. After a day-long drive on difficult roads we reached the remote district of Sindhupalchowk, an area east of Kathmandu where most destruction and the highest casualties were reported, to deliver emergency aid packages and tents to the most affected families.

This area lost more than 3000 people while only 5-10% of people’s homes are still standing. For miles and miles on there was just rubble and destruction. People were standing on their collapsed homes with expressionless faces. We were received with open arms and hearts. What we saw and experienced will always stay in ours. People are living in such fear and uncertainty, yet they possess so much hope and trust for a better tomorrow.

Wind of Change assisted with this Emergency Aid Distribution as part of the emergency response coalition between the inter/national aid organisations and the Nepali government.