About Us

IMG_5509_001Wind of Change was born out of two people’s passion for humanitarian work. Through our travels, work and experiences we have seen the great potential of people in countries such as Nepal to have a better life, but they are held back by lack of opportunity. By working with these people, we wish to give them an opportunity to enrich their quality of life and improve their chances of providing a better future for themselves.

We believe that every child has the right to a decent childhood – to be healthy, live in a safe home, and enjoy quality education. We thrive to provide a loving, fair and safe environment for every child to grow up as happy and healthy, well-balanced members of society with hopes for a bright future.

One of the core values of our work is Education. Only through education can a nation realise the options and opportunities available for it to act upon its full potential. With quality education youth, especially girls, are given a chance to realise their own capabilities to truly excel and explore in life. Through running a Scholarship Program, we feel that we can really be part of providing one of the best gifts to a child – access to education. While these children are still living at home there is also the added benefit of encouraging families to stay together to prevent unnecessary admissions to children’s homes.

In front of the massive scale of opportunity yet challenge, and the great depth of the issues underpinning development, we are not here to save the world. Rather we see ourselves as a small but effective agent of change altering the lives of a significant few. Indeed we pride ourselves as an alternative to larger aid organisations, as we believe that through our personal involvement and focus on smaller projects we can make a substantial difference to the people we work with and for their community.

We are very excited about this journey, and believe that it will continue to be a successful and rewarding one.

We would love you to join us!

Tuuli and Carl