Scholarship Program

Maya Scholarship Program provides financial and medical assistance to allow children, especially girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive education in circumstances where otherwise their families could not afford to send them to school, and they may become vulnerable for child labour, begging or human trafficking. The children involved in this program do have adult family members who care for them, but who simply cannot afford to educate them. It is our strong belief that where possible, it is better for children to stay in their villages with their families, and only in severe circumstances without alternative options should they be placed into a children’s home. With Maya Scholarship Program, we aim to give children access to education and medical help, while making it possible for families to stay together.

Maya Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The children involved in the program are provided with all admission fees, uniforms, shoes, books, and stationery in preparation for the new school year. They are assisted throughout the year with tuition fees, medical costs, and emergency expenses.