Our Work

The work of Wind of Change in Nepal to date has been greatly successful with expanding projects and happy beneficiaries.

While there is success, there are also ongoing challenges. There is continuous political and financial uncertainty in the country, generally low levels of education and health as well as poor infrastructure, making living conditions challenging. Certainly the devastation and destruction brought by the Earthquake in April 2015, the Covid-19 Pandemic and annually occurring floods have further increased Nepal's challenges.

It is only long term commitment in addressing the root causes of poverty that will see Nepal become a more competitive economy, and a fairer, healthier and safer place to live. Wind of Change believes that through its efforts in providing a safe childhood and education for children, it will make a small contribution toward a better future for Nepal.

Onni Project

Year 2022 marked the 14th Anniversary and the official closing of the Onni Project in Pokhara, Nepal. Onni opened its doors on the 26th October 2008 and during the years provided a home to 16 disadvantaged and at-risk children, of whom are all now already studying in high school and university as well as working and living independently.

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Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to allow children from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their education in circumstances where otherwise their families could not afford to send them to school, and they may be vulnerable to becoming engaged in child labour, begging or human trafficking.

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Nepal Hearing Project

The Nepal Hearing Project, headed by an Australian audiometrist David Hine commenced operations in March 2010.

For over 5 years the well-established hearing clinic provided medical treatment, conducted hearing assessments and fitted thousands of free hearing aids or other assistive listening devices to countless amount of people in and around Pokhara as well as Nepal-wide through rural ear camps.

Since the end of 2015 the clinic has successfully started operating as part of a new international ENT hospital in Pokhara.

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Earthquake Response


On 25th of April 2015, a 7.9 magnitude Earthquake hit Nepal killing over 8000 people, and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless, vulnerable and scared. Wind of Change reaches out for the victims.

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