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Due to Covid-19's negative effects around the world and therefore an unfortunate yet very understandable decrease in donations, we are looking for any general support to help to cover every day expenses for the children, including school fees, clothes and nutritious food. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤

How your contributions may help?

Here are some examples of how Your contribution may help:

$49 Will feed a child with nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner and school snacks for a month

$95 Will provide clothing for an entire year for one child

$400 Will purchase a much needed device for online learning

$1,100 Will pay one year’s Secondary School tuition fees for one child to attend a private school

$3,000 Will cover overall health care for an entire year for 14 children, including doctors’ fees, medicine and treatment and child counselling

$15,400 Will cover a full years Secondary Education costs for 14 children, including fees, books, stationery and teachers salary



Tax deductible donations* can be made via direct deposit into:

Commonwealth Bank Australia
Wind of Change International
BSB: 063-182
Account No. 10710000

Alternatively, cheques can be mailed to:

Wind of Change International

1 Allure Court
Glen Waverley VIC 3150



Donations in Finland can be made via direct deposit into:

Wind of Change International Ry
Account No: FI60 1745 3000 0694 94

Reference No (viite): 26107

United States-64

United States

Contributions from US residents wishing to donate toward the Wind of Change Nepal Program may be tax deductible.

To claim a deduction, donations must be made through our partner organisation Global Development Group (USA) who are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organisation.

Please contact us at for instructions on how to donate toward Wind of Change in the US.


Other Countries

Residents of other countries can donate online via PayPal. (Click on donate button above)

Alternatively, donations can be made via direct deposit into:

Nordea Finland
Wind of Change International Ry
IBAN: FI60 1745 3000 0694 94

Reference No: 26107

To ensure we have an accurate record of your donation, please send an email to with the details of your deposit and a name and address to mail the receipt to. If you would like your donation to be allocated toward a specific project (Onni Children, Scholarship Program or Nepal Hearing Project), please advise us by email. 

* As an approved aid & development project through our partners Global Development Group, donations of AUS$2 or more toward Wind of Change's Nepal Program are tax deductible in Australia.

The "Wind of Change Nepal Program" is Global Development Group Project J338.