Our Partners

It is only through the co-operation with highly dedicated partners that we can be so succesful in our work.


Namaste Community Foundation provides in-country implementation and expertise, they are the inspiration behind Onni Children's House. NCF are responsible for day-to-day management and operation of Onni Children’s House as well as dealings with third parties such as government, schools and the local community. Onni Children’s House is operated in accordance with existing NCF rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines have been reviewed by WoC directors and deemed appropriate.

Visit the NCF website


Global Development Group ensures the utmost quality in the delivery of our projects. WoC has engaged Global Development Group to provide a governance role to ensure that the projects are carried out to Australian requirements.  GDG assist in the areas of monitoring, evaluating and auditing of projects as well as the technical aspects of being an approved Non-Government Organisation.

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Cooper Investors are a specialist equity fund manager with funds under management of approximately AUS$9 billion.

Cooper Investors have annually made a generous and significant contribution towards our work in Nepal. We remain extremely grateful for their continuous support and encouragement.

Visit the Cooper Investors website.


Pitcher Partners, a major Australian accounting firm, selected Onni Children’s House as their first international project to be supported as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in 2008. Pitcher Partners stated that one of the key considerations of initially becoming involved with Onni is that they believe their 550 staff in Melbourne will be able to directly see the benefits of this project to the beneficiaries in Nepal and to realise how their contribution is actually making a difference every year. We are extremely grateful for their financial support during the years.

Visit the Pitcher Partners website.



PSA Project is one of the most highly regarded Project Management groups in Australia. Since the very beginning of our work in Nepal, PSA Project has stood beside us supporting WoC both financially and strategically providing their expertise and skills in Project Management but also on a more personal level.

We would like to acknowledge the team at PSA Project Management, particularly Paul and Noela Steinfort who have been tireless in the behind the scenes work required to get Wind of Change up and running in 2008. Over the years PSA have also covered a large portion of Wind of Change's running costs and take care of a lot of the paperwork, allowing administrative costs to be kept to a minimum.

 Visit the PSA Project website.


Individual Donors are always welcome. Wind of Change has a strong support network across Australia and Finland but people from all over the world are joining us in the efforts of helping those in need.

We would like to thank all of our individual supporters who have been so generous with their time and money. Your contributions and ongoing support make our work possible.