The Onni Project

Our Purpose

With happy hearts we can now say we succeeded! Onni Children's House has officially closed in October 2022 after 14 years of operations - with all the children now living successful independent lives.

When we first opened Onni Children's House in 2008, our vision was to give an opportunity for new life to orphaned, abandoned and at-risk Nepalese children and provide for their needs in a loving, safe environment where they can receive every opportunity to grow up as happy, well-balanced members of society with hope for a bright future.

Living in a safe home receiving a proper education, the Onni children would become confident and strong members of the society. Through access to knowledge, skills and qualifications, they would later be able to secure a financially healthy future, which in turn would benefit not only themselves, but their families and community as well. Most of all they would grow up with a healthy and happy sense of self to explore the surrounding world to make their very own future. This being especially true with girls who unfortunately still hold a grossly disadvantaged position in the Nepali society. Together we did it!

Childhood is the foundation stone upon which stands the whole life structure. The seed sown in childhood blossoms into the tree of life” - Gandhi

The House

Onni Children's House - what an incredible success story! Together we did it and gave 16 previously disadvantaged children a safe childhood in a home full of love, care and guidance.

Onni House opened on the 26th of October 2008 and for 14 years provided a home for 16 young lives of whom are now high school and university students, some working a trade and living independently.

Throughout the years, the regular daily activities in the house ensured that the children were growing up in the best possible environment. Proper nutrition, clothing, sports activities, medical care, counselling and guidance were all an important part of the children's everyday lives. Now these young people are reintegrated back in to the society and we continue to guide and support them and also provide partial financial support for those who need.

The Onni Project was established and managed by joint co-operation between Wind of Change International (Australia/Finland) and Namaste Community Foundation (NCF Nepal).


Health is our priority. Regular medical examinations are conducted on all the beneficiaries, and treatment is given as required. All beneficiaries are also immunised according to the WHO immunisation schedule. As part of a wider organisational policy, Wind of Change also covers the medical expenses of all the local staff and their families.


Education is our priority. The young people we support go to a local private/community school to gain the best quality education available.  We believe that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and making a significant and lasting impact on the future of Nepal. Our main focus remains on educating girls as we strongly believe in our motto of "when you educate a girl, you educate the world".

Staff Capacity

It is imperative that even after reintegration our children are given high quality care and support in navigating their independent lives. Our highly competent and experienced local staff ensures this.